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  1. Actually in order to work i think that it also needs a change in OX_bucket_prepareUpdateQuery (lib/OA/Dal/Delivery/mysql.php) if ($increment) { $aQuery[$counter] = 1; } else { $aQuery[$counter] = -1; } to if (!$increment) { $aQuery[$counter] = -1*$aQuery[$counter]; }
  2. Hello, i just started to use revive in a website with more than 500K daily impressions and i noticed an important change on server load. The problem is on impression logging which makes too many sql queries. So i was thinking to use memcache mechanism to collect impressions and write them in the database every hour... i found this implementation https://github.com/revive-adserver/revive-adserver/issues/220 which looks fine (i would increase limit 11 to 100) Do you have any alternatives, or might estimate if there would be significant inaccuracy in impression logs. Thanks in
  3. Hello and thanks for your reply. I've seen this post but i was wondering if this is something that i should do, or it is already implemented differently in the core code. It is strange if revive isn't compliant with google policies out of the box and i suspect that i don;t have to make any change.
  4. When we generate invocation code we are asked to add a source Where is this used?
  5. I plan to use revive in a website that serves about 500K daily impressions. I have varnish enabled and memcached. Should i expect any impact on server load (8core dedicated server that already hosts the website) Generally are there any limits in use of revive based on impressions on an average/shared hosting? thanks in advance
  6. Hello, I'm new to revive adserver and i have some questions... Based on google guidlines all ads links should have rel nofollow tag. I wonder how revive handles this. Do i have to make any changes or it is nofollow ready? thanks in advance
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