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  1. IvorD, Unless I am doing something wrong, when there is: empty($aAd) it still forwards the page. i.e. <server>/www/delivery/ck.php?oadest=https://www.google.com brings up Google. It's messy PHP, I know - sorry 😉, but I think if you also stick the red text in MAX_querystringGetDestinationUrl then you just get a white page (the same as if $dest is null) for above. if (empty($aAd)) { return; } if (empty($dest)) { return; } Is there anything I missed doing this? 🤔 Alex
  2. IvorD, Many thanks, I'll give it a go tomorrow. I am confused too. I can't think what they're doing that would mean it would use an alternative URL for an Ad?! All I need it for is one URL/Ad. Alex
  3. Hi Ivor, I have this problem too! My VPS provider emailed a link, it forwards to a page that is virus laden and I have to sort it out. Did you find where you can stop it have open forwarding? Alex
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