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  1. Hi, I have Revive Adserver running and the statistics graphing has failed. I received a notice that the maintenance hasn't run in 24 hours. I looked into this a bit and found that the "Automatic maintenance" feature is not as reliable as having a different service run a Cron job to trigger the maintenance feature within the software. I tried setting up the cron job as stipulated in the documentation and it failed I assume due to the page not being found on my server. I used this url and replaced the "Example.com" with my own url and was sent to an error page http://www.example.com/path/to/revive_server/maintenance/maintenance.php. I assume that this means that my Adserver installation was not installed with this feature being acessible via the web. 1. Am I doing this right? 2. How do I make this feature accessible via the web so that I can trigger it with an external cron job system? Thank you kindly
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