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  1. At last, I figured out the actual cause of everything; it was for the fact of incorrect/ improper Content Security Policy (CSP header) I implemented earlier. Errors were showing in browser's Console (Developer Tools) for the above mentioned issues before such correction.
  2. Now its working perfectly after fresh installation; plugins are all installed. Either, the previous installer got corrupted somewhere between downloading from official site and uploading to my Centos server. Or as I recall, previous two times, during installations with Chrome, I had problems like appearances of grey boxes between inputs and no success notifications of individual plugins installations. Finally, I could installed successfully and all seems good with IE. But still I can't switch the user mode (administrator/ Default Manager) in Chrome, even after resetting/ restoring Chrome's settings to their original; but it's okey with IE.
  3. I installed twice (Revive Adserver v5.0.0-RC1 as tar.gz) on Centos 7 with PHP 7.3.** (Nginx+Apache+MariaDB) but failed to get any plugin installed. It show only "Choose Section: Plugins/ Groups" and I"nstall new plugin" with Browse, Install, Import (code only). I discovered it at the time of generating Invocation code (not working at all) for a zone. Although, with Chrome browser, I failed to switch to user mode (administrator/ Default Manager) although with IE v11 it works. Can it be possible to manually install plugins by downloading them (even seeking for download URLs)? On Windows 7, using WAMP, I installed (Revive Adserver v5.0.0-RC1 as zip) today and it has been working (serving banners to page), although I didn't managed to check more esp. what I experienced/ learnt from using V4.2.0 on my laptop few months ago.
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