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  1. I use Site Variables to control which banners to display on a specific category page. That works fine. But what if you have multiple combinations which can be displayed on one page? All the modern Ads use more than one banner in combination. As an example I have the following scenario. There are 3 zone on the front page. Each banner being loaded is dependend on the other banners. I want only red or only blue banners. Either all red banners or all blue banners alternating. What I could do is to add a Site Variable e.g. Combination = A, Combination = B when requesting the banners. But how do I know beforehand if there are still banner views available? I might request Combination A and no banners will show up.
  2. Hi, is it possible to load Banners of one topic at the same time instead of heaving a random mix? I want severals zones on my website which should only load the same topic for each request. E.g. Banners related to Cars, Money, Company A, Company B etc. should not be mixed up. When zones ne 1 ist loading a Cars Banner all other zones should load a Cars banner as well. Any solutions? Thanks, Graveeel
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