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  1. Hi Andrew, I followed your hint, and they're the same. Of course, there are other iPhone user agents in there, but at least the one i'm using shows up in the log. But even if there was a problem with that one in particular, shouldn't the criterion "contains iPhone" make up for that?
  2. Hi everyone, I'm configuring a banner to be displayed only for iphones. This is what I'm using on my Delivery Limitations: Client useragent is equal to Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; CPU iPhone OS 7_1_1 like Mac OS X) AppleWebKit/537.51.2 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/7.0 Mobile/11D201 Safari/9537.53 OR Client useragent Contains iPhone (just in case the parameter above does not work). I've waited for a whole day and could not see the banner at all. I also tried to use one parameter at a time, but it didn't work also.
  3. Hi everyone, I have a few campaigns (all Remnant) that ended days ago, but are still getting impressions, according to the Statistics. For exampe, one of these campaigns had the finish date set to feb 28. These are the statistics: Date - Impressions - Clicks 03/06/2014: 1.077 - 47 03/05/2014: 2.492 - 112 03/04/2014: 2.716 - 126 03/03/2014: 3.080 - 128 03/02/2014: 4.156 - 173 03/01/2014: 329.298 - 1.862 02/28/2014: 1.270.562 - 29.020 Does anyone have a clue why that happens? My guess is cache from the user's browser. Best regards, Leonardo Cesario
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