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  1. Turns out this was a mistake on my part. Not an issue after all.
  2. Has anyone ever noticed some strange behavior with banners URLs when you include a reference on a page in the URL for a given banner eg: https://site.com/#position It seems that when you click on the banner in Revive as a test it works; however, when delivered to a target zone it just takes you to the URL https://site.com but does not take you to the page position for the URL #position. Just wondering if this is by design, or possibility a bug?? I'm running the latest version of Revive. Thanks!
  3. Solved. In case someone else needs to know how to get it. Simply generate invocation code for one of the zones and you will see the value.
  4. Hi, Where is the data-revive-id located?? I've setup a copy of my prod revive as test, but the banners are not displaying. It appears to be due to the data-revive-id , since the test site URL isn't the same as the prod URL. Thanks!
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