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  1. Hi. Which plugin developer site it? I am considering getting plugins from https://www.reviveadservermod.com but most of the description of their plugins overlap and no reviews from previous customers, having second thoughts now.
  2. There are so many plug ins on the revive adserver mod website that I can buy. I want to know which plug ins would meet below requirements 1. Display Pre-roll ads on mobile clients and web (preview web) 2. Can redirect user to advertiser url 3. ONLY Direct Sale ads (No need for Ad Network) 4. Can create campaigns and monitor Click-through rates, conversion rates from Admin === Q1: Is there an existing app that have implemented Revive pre-roll ads? I want to see how it was implemented. Q2: Does the pre-roll ad shown like how Admob is showing interstitial Ads or is it like facebook videos where the ad is inline with the video? Q3: Do I need to be concerned whether my app video library can play ad format that the plug in can support? Q4: The Contact info of Revive on their site does not show. How to contact them? I want to talk to someone from Revive.
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