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  1. Hello Andrew, Also wanted to ask do I need to create a new DB ? or can I change the DB engine in the existing database which I am currently using? Thanks
  2. Thanks a lot for your help here. Before I convert DB engine to InnoDB do I need to do any changes in tables? or Only DB engine needs to be changed from ISAM to InnoDB. Let me know your thoughts so that I can proceed further with changing the DB engine.
  3. Hello Andrew, Thanks for the reply. Earlier I was running maintenance every hour. But in some instances, when I receive a heavy amount of traffic the DB connections reaches a limit and then table level locking occurs. Because as per my assumption if I am running maintenance every hour so it will read data and delete them. so that table gets space to insert new banner delivery records. Hence I would like to know is there a restriction or limit of the rv_data_bkt_m table? So that if i am receiving the banner delivery more then the size/restriction of table I need to find an alternative way to solve this max DB connection. Thanks
  4. Hello Andrew, Thanks for the reply. Below are the configurations : Revive 4.1.1 Apache 2.4.18 MySQL 5.6.37 Hosted: AWS The region of the server: Mumbai, India Yes, I am using ISAM tables and to monitor Aws has its tool to check the DB connections and usage. And the max connections allowed is 321. No, I haven't changed the default DB connections. I was just checking the performance once the DB connections go max database does tables are locked. Can you please help me out with this issue. Thanks
  5. Hello Andrew, Thanks for the reply. Can you please tell me if we can change the time of data_bkt_m to update? because on my end it gets updated every day in the afternoon from 2-4 PM IST where I get max delivery of traffic which cause the max DB connections and server goes down. Please let me know the solution so that I can change the time when data_bkt_m gets updated. Thanks
  6. Hello Team, I would like to know when does revive store records into rv_data_bkt_m database? Currently, I am running manual maintenance midnight every hour. But somehow when I see my logs it records gets insert every afternoon due to which DB connections go high and it affects the delivery of banners. Also, I have setup time preference as Asia/Calcutta is there any relation to maintenance or adding the records to the database? Can you please tell me the way out so that database store records at night only. Thanks
  7. Hello, I would like to ask whether can we convert Revive Database table from MyISAM to InnoDB? As MyISAM is an older storage engine which affects the performance for following reasons : 1) MyISAM does the full-locking of the table. 2) MyISAM does not support referential integrity 3) MyISAM does not support Commit & Rollbacks After all these conditions if we convert the database to InnoDB will it affect the ad serving or it will stop working? Let me know your thoughts. Thanks
  8. Hello @andrewatfornax Thanks for the reply. I am new to Revive Adserver so would like to ask you a couple of questions regarding SSL integration on Revive Ad server : 1) How can we configure Revive Adserver UI for SSL-only access? 2) Can you please elaborate webserver configuration is allowing access through to Revive Adserver via SSL only? (Which should be the case if we have set up the SSL certificated on web server) 3) Do you have any documentation of integration SSL for Revive ad server as I have followed the standard process to integrated SSL certificated on the web server? Currently, i am using Apache as my web server and it is hosted on AWS. Thanks
  9. Hello, I have recently integrated SSL certificate to my revive server 4.1.1. After integration banner ads are delivering on HTTPS domain but it has stopped delivering on HTTP domains. Currently, i am using Asynchronous Javascript tags to serve banner ads. Does revive ad server serve the banner ads dynamically on HTTP & HTTPS domain if SSL is integrated but not enforced? Awaiting for the positive response. Thanks
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