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  1. @Matteo Beccati Hello there, I confirm that after changing the fields mentioned above the update worked without a problem. Cheers!
  2. @Matteo Beccati Seems to be the right thing to do, thanks Matteo. I'll try an update tonight and report the result.
  3. @Matteo Beccati Hello Matteo, those are the definitions of the fields: banners: `append` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `prepend` varchar(0) DEFAULT NULL, (I've once set it to 0 to avoid some SQL injections we had in our installation and strangely doesn't fire any warnings) zones: `prepend` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, `append` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL, Thanks and have a nice day
  4. Hello people, unfortunately, my installation still can't digest the update starting from 4.0.2. I first tried to update to 4.1.0, but even with version 4.1.1 get the following error messages (as in install.log): successfully initialised DB Upgrade verifying/creating constructive tasklist checking field: banners append found field append checking field: zones prepend found field prepend checking field: zones append found field append #! database integrity check detected problems with the database #! 3 fields to change Installation "entry point" (OX) follows: Name From Version To Version Status Date install_2.8.2 --- 2.8.2 UPGRADE COMPLETE 2011-01-31 18:17:40 What else could I try to solve? Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!
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