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  1. jnrdavo

    adserver and vBulletin 5 (vb5)

    Hi Guys, is there anybody that can help a Noob and using vbulletin/vbconnect 5?
  2. Hi Guys, I did a search, but couldn't find anything in regards to using adserver with VB5. I'm just migrating from VB4 for one of my sites before I do the bigger ones. I then found this great piece of software which will replace the basic one that I was using in vbulletin. So, I think I've done all the right stuff in creating the advertisers, banners etc, they seem to work. I just don't know where/how to 'activate' them in vb5. I'm new to VB5, so please be gentle with me! (I'm ok on VB4). So, I want the ads to display on a left column. Can anybody help me in getting them to display on VB5? I've created a left hand module, tried both PHP and HTML types, but it's still not displaying the ad. I've added in the code to the 'header' template (not sure if that is correct), but not sure what else to do. If anybody could help, it would be greatly received!! :-)