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  1. I can now confirm: If this setting is unchecked then it works on mobile, if checked it only works on desktop: Evaluate banner delivery limitations during delivery
  2. Hi, I have several banners with delivery limitations to a certain country for each. This works fine on a desktop browser but on mobile no banner shows at all. If I open admin configuration and remove limitation options on delivery the banner appears. Geo:country is the only limitation. The weird thing is the banner is added or cache is deleted it works fine but after a few minute it only works on desktop. Your help is appreciated.
  3. @andrewatfornax Which tag method is bettet: <head> script + zone or zone only? Also you said put canpaign with no limit but I see that I have to put click limits or like a date limit Thank you so much and sorry I'm new to revive
  4. thanks a lot! what surprizes me is that it works on local file and desktop browser but not any mobile although no delivery filters other than country! Thanks
  5. Hi, I have a banner in a campaign. The banner shows ok on desktop but not on mobile. There is geo-targeting and it used to work now all the sudden it doesn't. It has a weird behavior as previously it used not to accept clicks through mobile! Thank you
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