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  1. Thank you @andrewatfornax , can you please advice some plugin for country statistics, which I can build to Revive Adserver ? It would be greatful if there is such plugin or addition.
  2. Actually I dont know exactly what plugin logs statistics by country, also I have 3rdPartyServers plugin. Tables are 'rv_data_bkt_country_c', 'rv_data_bkt_country_m'. How can update revive adserver and plugins without loosing statistics ? can you give instructions please ?
  3. Hi andrewatfornax, Please tell me what can I do, what can be reason, some tables in DB have no country label values.
  4. Hi everyone, Firstfull sorry for my english I have problem with statistics by countries, some banners have statistics, but some do not. Installed plugin is geoTargeting oxMaxMindGeoIP. In some banners there are country names with stats, but in some there are not even name of countries. Revive Adserver was installed before me, by another developer, so I do not know how it works and how to fix problem. looking for your help. Thank you in advance.
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