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  1. Neither log is showing problems. Do you what tables are used to build the statistics and what php files are they constructed. I think I need to write some code to determine where the mismatch is in gathering the data and displaying it. That way I can determine the differences on each server.
  2. I must be missing something when transferring everything from one server to the other. I backup all files from the current server and upload them all to the new server. Backup the database on the old server and upload it to the new server. I then modify the config file to reflect the changes for the new server. I am able to login as the administrator. Everything in the Inventory looks correct. The problem seems to be with the statistics. I click on Statistics/Advertisers & Campaigns and select Last Month and it tells me no statistics. I don't seem to be getting errors in the logs. What database tables and php files can I debug to find out the problem.
  3. I followed your advise and nothing has changed. What I mean by older reports. An Example, I run an "Campaign Analysis Report" under Advanced Reports for a campaign to look at last months stats and the report displays no data.
  4. Yes, I created a cron job and I manually called the maintenance php file. When I go to the Configuration/Maintenance page is see "Scheduled maintenance is running correctly.". I would think that the old reports would still get generated by moving the files and database to the new server and updating the config file for the new server, without running the maintenance scripts.
  5. I am in the process of moving Revive 3.0.4 to a new hosting server and upgrading to 4.0.0.; however, after moving all of the 3.0.4 files and the database over there are no longer any statistics when I try and generate reports. I am not seeing any errors in the logs. The new server does have a newer version of PHP 5.6. I haven't even started the upgrade process yet, this is still the 3.0.4 version. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks
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