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  1. something like that : http://myadmarket.com/demo.php ; where i can check the features ..etc.
  2. Hello again Erik , Can you show me a demo of your work and price/rates of it? We are interested to use Revive Adserver; we need to improve our work system.. and .. Kind Regards.
  3. Of course.. i understand it . I follow reading documentation about it.. later i'll contact you againg (if i can :XD) Thanks for your help
  4. Hi Erik, Thanks for your answer!! do you know a network/agency is using Revive Adserver? Kind Regards.
  5. Hello everyone, i've read the documentation but i haven't found the way to do we need. Perhaps, the features (we need) don't have Revive Adserver, but let me ask it please: We're searching for a self-service that has this features, we're working with "url redirect" and "mobile popunder" campaigns = at this moment, i haven't see how to built a "url redict". our advertisers can add funds (money), check their balance, real time stats, including total/daily clicks, impressions, expenses, revenue, .... our advertisers can create/modify their campaigns (self-service) and settings that we need will be: OS, geo (countries), daily budget, schedule, daily capping, IP's lists .. Many thanks for your help..
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