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  1. as mentioned here that by adding .dat file we can achieve city based Geo Targeting. But still can't achieve city based Geo targeting.
  2. I have uploaded .dat file, still unable to achieve city based Geo targeting. Any solution ?
  3. Simple city based Geo targeting is not working. for instance , i have created a banner and that banner is specifically for Islamabad . I added the delivery rule that Geo - country/city is equal to country Pakistan and city Islamabad. But this banner is not showing anywhere , not even in Islamabad.
  4. Hello, I am trying to apply conditions for city based Geo-targetting on banners. Country based Geo-Targetting working fine but city based geo targetting is not working. I am using revive adserver 4.1.4 I am using GeoIp.dat and GeoLiteCity.dat file i read that geolite legacy databases are now discontinued https://support.maxmind.com/geolite-legacy-discontinuation-notice/ so then what,s the process i can do city based Geo-targetting.
  5. I have installed my own plugin for Revive Adserver but it is not shown in plugin list but appears in the plugin as "group" and they are disabled. How can i uninstall these groups because if i install my plugin again, it gives me an error, that component name exists?
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