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  1. Thanks 4 answer! Unfortunately, this type of invocation (async tags) does not suit me now...Due to one of the reasons: ======================================== "...no support for delivery on devices without JavaScript support...." ======================================== I need exactly local mode.. That's why I decided to ask Regards.
  2. Hi! Using Revive Adserver (4.0.0) on SMF driven forum. Users noticed and pointed me to the error with discrepancy posting time, ie, if the message was published at 20.30, it appears as published at 23.30. Although the forum time displayed correctly with the selected time zone. Long could not figure out what is the problem.. until not removed invocation code (Local Mode Tag) from forum pages... and time in messages was displayed correctly! Code coincidence causes such problems? I started to understand ... but found nothing smarter than a change that line in .../ads/www/delivery/ck.php & lg.php: from date_default_timezone_set to date_default_timezone_get looks stupid yea? :) Now messages time displayed correctly too! But now all campaigns ends for three hours earlier, before their set the end time ::sad:: Eventually, where did come those three hours ??? Server timezone set to Europe/Moscow All timezone settings (Administrator and Default Manager) the same. What to do in my case?
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