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  1. Hi Friends, Would you please let me know how I can retrieve the banner using a keyword (Direct access), particularly for the zone using zone id. I am using view_local php function to retrieve the banner. Actually my requirement is: I have 2 banner position A= 300X250 and B= 720X90 and both have different banners . Unfortunately when I am showing the page using keyword 'sales' it place single banner on both zones. Please give me a solution for this. Thanks in advance. Regards, Jipson
  2. Thank you Verymuch Ilya Ber
  3. Hi, I am a newbie to adserver openx.Now I am creating php script to integrate the adserver banner on my client website using iframe by a dynamically generated code. So for each page it generates different values for the parameter what(keyword).If a banner is added on adserver it works properly, but if it can not find a banner, it displays a blank space only. Is there any option to display a default banner if it cannot find a proper match? Thanks in advance for your help and time. Regards, Jipson
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