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  1. For others reference I fixed this. I did a clean install in a parallel directory, letting the system set up a new database. I then replaced all the database tables with tables from the database created during the upgrade. Last change was to edit the config file from the upgrade version to reflect the right info for the new database. Everything that was not working, all the plugins that were missing and wouldn't install, is now fixed. Hope that helps someone.
  2. Quick Update - have tried installing plugin from the source tar file, but get message "The uploaded file did not pass security check". It will not install. ????
  3. We just upgraded OpenX 2.8.10 to Revive 3.2.1. Everything looks ok except for Delivery options plug in. None of our "Display by day" options are working. I found the plugins in the old adserver folder and moved both xml and plugin file to new directory. This appeared to solve the issue by making options available, but it kicked errors and would not work. Does anyone have an idea of what we need to do to correct this? Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. I installed V 3.02 several days ago as an upgrade to V 2.8.10. I have two issues: 1) I cannot access statistics, or more accurately, the system does not appear to be logging statistics, and 2) I cannot access the Direct Selection interface. The page is missing all fields except the "select type of banner invocation", and it is a drop down with no values. I assume this might be a permissions issue I missed somewhere. Does anyone have an idea what is causing this? Screen shot below:
  5. Ok, I found the problem with the initial install. It was related to the use of a special character in the database password. Now I am having a completely different issue, in step 4, Configuration. It cannot see necessary files in the old OpenX directory, even though they are there. From the debug log: Feb 13 13:13:11 -0600 OX-52fd19456ce78 [ error] Failed to find package definition file home/admin/domains/foo.com/public_html/adserver/control/plugins/etc/openXBannerTypes.xml Feb 13 13:13:11 -0600 OX-52fd19456ce78 [ error] Failed to find package definition file home/admin/domain
  6. Just as a follow up - our server is running Apache 2.2.15, Php 5.2.14 and MySQL 5.0.67.
  7. I am attempting to upgrade from OpenX 2.8.10 to Revive 3.0.2. We have copied and edited the config file into the new adserver directory (ours is called control-new), and are using a copy of the original database. When we try to run the install program we get an enourmous amount of debug info, which I will attempt to paste below. I am hoping it is a simple setting issue, as the list of things that have gone wrong is a bit overwhelming. The message below is all we get - there is no prompt to proceed or cancel. Just this list. Appreciate any ideas or input on this! ______________________ ME
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