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    Maxmind Geo Isp

    I cannot seem to get ISP db to work. I would prefer to use GeoIP2 but have tried the older legacy format as well. I cannot get the 'GEO - ISP/Organisation' option under Banner delivery limitations unless I check the box 'Show geotargeting delivery limitations even if GeoIP data unavailable'. I have tried putting the files in a couple locations but nothing seems to work for me. Am I missing something? geoipIspLocation="/home/entraor/public_html/mydomain.com/adserv/plugins/geoTargeting/oxMaxMindGeoIP/data/GeoIPISP.dat" geoipIspLocation="/home/entraor/public_html/mydomain.com/adserv/plugins/geoTargeting/oxMaxMindGeoIP/data/GeoIP2-ISP.mmdb" geoipIspLocation="/home/entraor/public_html/GeoIPISP.dat" geoipIspLocation="/home/entraor/public_html/GeoIP2-ISP.mmdb" geoipIspLocation="{MODULEPATH}geoTargeting/oxMaxMindGeoIP/data/GeoIPISP.dat"