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  1. no. I want to keep the server in the root of the subdomain. But I need to upgrade it. If I do the upgrade in a folder it doesnt recognize the upgrade it wants me to do a clean instal.
  2. Yeah but the instructions refers to if the server was installed in a sub directory. In my case it isnt. So I try to do it in a sub directory but then when comes to the upgrade part it shows the fresh install screen and not the upgrade screen.
  3. Thanks Chinnu G but I think you mis understood. The current OpenX server is hosted IN ads.mydomain.co.za and I want to upgrade it in that domain.
  4. Hi I need help upgrading from OpenX 2.8.7 which is currently installed in the root folder of a subdomain. ads.mydomain.co.za. The upgrade proccess explains it being in a directory on the main website. As explained above my scenario is different. I have tried setting it up on a new subdomain before upgrading the live copy but on my test copy it doesnt present me with the upgrade screen. Just a fresh install screen. The Upgrade guide isnt very clear. Am I supposed to overwrite the current files with the new files.. Sorry but I am bit in the dark at the moment. Any guidance or help will be much appreciated. Thanks
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