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  1. Hi All, As a requirement we want to make the image source which is generated in the invocation code to be dynamic. Which means using a single invocation code we want to route the image source through a django route so that many banners can be served for a single ad tag. Please let us know the file which need to be changed to do so as the avw.php in the delivery folder should not be changed. Thanks in advance Thanks Sumanth
  2. Hi All, We are working on a project and the requirement is that we generate ad tags for about 10000 banners, we have planned to buy the license for www.reviveadserverrestapi.com. So I just wanted to know how the api actually works? what would be the input parameters to generate an adtag? And can we automate the process as the process has to be done for around 10000 banners. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Eliza, It's just a normal JPEG image of resolution 255*255 which I have added. If that's what you mean by type of banner. Thanks Sumanth
  4. Hi, I was able to successfully add a website,zone and a banner. But when trying to link the banner from the "Linked Banners" tab the advertiser dropdown does not show the list of advertisers in "linked banners" tab. As a result i am not able to add the advertiser and I am not even able to get the invocation code. Thanks in advance
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