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  1. Hi All,

    We completed migration to revive 3.2 and everything is looking a-ok, The only thing we are having a problem with is when we are in administrator mode and we click the configuration tab; it directs to a blank page, "account-settings-banner-delivery.php", with a sole message that says "no socket".  Please advise.  Thanks in advance for you help in this matter. 


  2. Anyone, please, need some help or direction, would be greatly appreciated.  We are currently on using OpenX adserver and we have tried multiple times to migrate to revive with no success.  Most of the time we receive an error during the wizard process like the attached document, occasionally, we are able to make it to the next step and everything works fine but during the process we will get the same, "unknow version detected", error message.   Somebody, anybody, please advise.  Thanks.

    Revive Adserver - Upgrading to Revive Adserver 3.2.2 2016-01-05 13-59-09.png

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