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    gorman reacted to sombahadurlimbu in Scalable Revive Adserver Architecture   
    Hi All,
    I am trying to implement a scalable Revive Adserver architecture setup as depicted in: http://www.reviveservers.com/revive-adserver-hosting/revive-adserver-hosting-platform-and-technology/
    However i'm stuck on separating out the management and delivery nodes. My questions are:
    1.) will they use same database and app installation files?
    2.) what configuration is needed to support multiple subdomain urls like openx.example.com (for delivery nodes) and management.example.com (for management/admin).
    3.) By default the admin goes in management.example.com/www/admin, can i put it only for management.example.com? if yes, how? same question is for delivery url which would be revive.example.com/www/delivery but i need it only on revive.example.com
    Any pointers on above is highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.
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