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Help With Adding Random Session Id


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I need help with my JS code. I need to be able to pass a random session ID to the URL link for a banner. The site sets it when users login.  I need my code to remember it when a user clicks on the banner.  The hidden value on the page is name="SESSIONTAB".  I would like to add it to the invocation JS code.  

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So, just so I understand - you want the URL that users will be directed to, which will be off your site, to include a parameter that is not known to Revive Adserver?




User logs into your site and gets a session ID.

User clicks on a banner.

User is sent to remote site using URL www.example.com?session=ID


Is that right?


If so, I think the only way to do that is to have your site modify the JS invocation code before that code is output to the user's browser. I don't think there is any way to do this natively with Revive Adserver.

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In case anyone else needs this:  I needed to append the URL with a session id.  Mine is actually called Sessiontab.  Where the zone is defined in the JS code, I added this to it:
    &sessiontab=" + document.querySelector('[name=SESSIONTAB]').value);
So this is what it would look like:
    document.write ("?zoneid=6&sessiontab=" + document.querySelector('[name=SESSIONTAB]').value);
On the adserver where I enter the information for the banner, I needed to add a variable to the URL.  It looks like this:
I used ampersand, because I already used a ? in the string.
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