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Using Revive For Simple Mobile Ads


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Hi all,


I am quite new to the world of online advertising. I have been investigating Revive and frankly I'm a bit lost with all the different campaign types.


The requirements I need to meet are:

1. Simple, text-based ads, to be shown on a mobile phone, retrieved via the Revive API. (e.g. custom Android app, call Revive API to retrieve ad text)

2. Be able to manage campaigns based on a start and end date.

3. Be able to have multiple banners within a campaign, and show these either in a round-robin fashion or based on a weight/priority.

4. Be able to track if a "user" has seen the banner before - I can identify users based on a unique ID which I can pass to Revive.


I have the following questions:

1. Which campaign type is the best for these simple requirements? I have tentatively looked at the remnant campaign.

2. Is there any documentation available for the API? I see lots of OpenX documentation but I'm unsure if this is relevant for Revive.

3. Can the API only be accessed via XML/RPC?

4. Can I drive the creation of these campaigns via the API?


Thank you in advance for any help


Kind regards, Will

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Thank you very much for the recommendation regarding campaign types. I will definitely check the site you mentioned, I was hesitant to use OpenX documentation as I don't know how far the Revive code base has diverged from OpenX since the fork

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