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Retina Image Support


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I think it would be great to add retina support. I think this could be done using a plugin rather than written into core?


Perhaps we can start a discussion about developing it here if people are interested?


I guess that the plugins already have access to the viewport information since some of this is available to the Delivery Limitations Plugin. Then you'd need to scale a copy of the image when the user uploads a double-resolution image producing two copies, one with @2x appended to the basename. Then when a request comes in the server would check the viewport (fallback?) and serve the correct image.



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I second (or third) this feature request! :)

I'm currently trying to get retina images to display in an app on iOS/Android. Using CSS to display retina images works great on websites, but isn't as successful in apps (so far). Does anyone have any workarounds for displaying retina images at this point?

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