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Server Side Conversion Tracking


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I´m newbie on Revive Adserver and I like to implement server-side conversion tracking without cookies. But I have many doubts and I´m sure there is a proper way.


My initial thinking was sending a clickid (or transactionid or context, sorry I don´t know the macro name) to our landing page, and when a conversion happen, a different server requests to revive server with that info. Is it possible?


If that it´s not possible, do you think I could send all cookies values to our landing page and create a new page in revive-server that it receives these values when a conversion happen. And then that page requests to delivery/ti.php (or other page) with right cookies generated? Do you think if revive checks IPs or others to validate the conversion? In that case I couldn´t use that workaround.


Thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad english

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Back in the day, when Revive Adserver was OpenX Source (around about version 2.6 I think), conversion tracking was done server side. The problem is that the storage requirements for all the data just got too large when you had more than a trivially sized installation.


So, everything was moved to be cookie based. 


I honestly can't see us changing things to work in a non-cookie way.


But I suspect you probably could make calls to Revive as you have suggested - or, if all else fails, just write the appropriate data to the database!

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