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Adsense Not Showing Up

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I created a campaign and added 2 banners. I've linked them to a zone and activated them.


I put the invocation code on a html page to test but when the adsense is supposed to be displayed the page keep loading without displaying anything.


Am I missing something?


Best regards,

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Quite possibly!


First thing I would check is - do the Adsense banners appear in the Revive UI when you preview the banners? If that is okay, take a look at the zone probability page - do the banners have a non-zero probability? Is the sum of all probabilities for the zone 100%, or is it less (i.e. are you just happening to see blank impressions because you're only using a small part of your inventory by not including a remnant campaign?)



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I'm running a remnant campaign, the ads appear when previewing it and my banner have a probability of 50%of 100%. I also cleared the cache too.


Okay, so you will only see a banner 50% of the time - load the zone tag a few more times and see if it shows up after a while.


If not, check your delivery limitations and capping to make sure that's not preventing it from displaying for you.

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