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Recovering Or Resetting Admin Password For Openads 2.0?

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I've been using PhpAdsNew for about 10 years and upgraded to OpenAds 2.0 about 2 years ago. Last week, I changed the password to allow a webhost technician to investigate a problem after migrating to a new server (since resolved), but I have somehow managed to lock myself out! I cannot find a password recovery link?


I contacted OpenX, but they were unable to provide help. Hoping someone from Revive can assist me?

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I'm sorry, but OpenAds 2.0 does not have a password recovery feature.


Do you know how to access the MySQL database that is associated with this installation? There is a table in there called x_config (with x_ being your own table name prefix). In that table there is probably just one record, and one of the fields in the record is called "admin_pw".


That field contains the MD5 hash of your password. Just come up with a new (secure!) password, then use http://hash.online-convert.com/md5-generator to generate the MD5 hash of that new password and paste it into the admin_pw field.


I haven't tested it myself, but this should enable you to set your password again.


By the way, have you considered upgrading to Revive Adserver 3.0.x? With OpenAds 2.0, you are about a decade behind...

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