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Move To A New Server And Database

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I have to change hosts. How do I change the configuration settings for the revive adserver? I will have a new domain name and database. I am assuming that I there is a file somewhere that store the database connection information. Can I simply move the files to the new server, restore the database and change the config file to point to the new database? Or is there more to it than that?



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Sorry to hyjack... but I'd like to do something similar. I have ftp access to the existing openx install but that is all beyond logging in as a manager. The install has somehow become corrupt and I can only log in to it as a manager, so I can't access details such as database name, username or password.

Is it still possible to copy the database from the old system to the new? My new revive install is on a different server and is working properly with test data. I do have administrator access to the new install :)



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Hi sleah,

Just try the following, it might help you.

  • Move OpenX files and database to different server.
  • Upgrade the OpenX to Revive version.


Thanks, it had crossed my mind that it might work?

I guess doing the upgrade may recreate the default admin user?

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