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Do you mean, can Revive Adserver display a certain banner (or set of banners, or externally provided invocation tag) in the event that it would otherwise have no banner to display?


If that's what you're asking, then yes! You can definitely configure Revive Adserver to ensure that, no matter what, there is a fallback banner (or tag) that will be displayed to the user, so you don't have an "empty" impression.

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By manager level access you will get option to set Default banner for all the zones. Click on "My Account" , "Preferences", "Banner Preferences" :- Here you will get option to set the default banner image.



Also you can select other zones to deliver ads when your zone has no active banners. To do this, Edit zone, Click "Advanced" sub menu , then select any of one zone on this option "Display the selected zone instead" and click the "Save Changes" button.



There is plugin available, for publishers to add back up tag for their zones on their login section. Publishers can add any HTML tags on this to get banners and gets impressions all time without loss. You can get this plugin from http://www.reviveadserverplugin.com/product/backup-tag-for-publisher-plugin-for-revive-adserver

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I use deliver ads in my zone i setup one its works. But i have a problem, lets try to explain this better i can.


I have 4 zone: A B C D


1. I setup zone A, if not meet my requeriments go to B

2. Now go to B, if not meet my requeriments go to C

3. Now go to C.


But not work, only stay in B never go to C how i can do that? What i try to setup. I want to have zone by country and that zone have the banner for that country to display,


I only want to have one code (Invocation Code ) to delivery banner targeting by countries and is not meet requeriments display others banner.


I hope you understand me what i need.



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When you edit the zone, you will see "Advanced" tab, Click on that there you can choose "If no banners from this zone can be delivered, try to...". Choose zone which you want to show if no banner available. 


For example : Edit Zone A --> Choose Zone B, Edit Zone B --> Zone C, Edit Zone C --> Zone D. 


I have tested and its works fine and delivering other zone linked ads. But please make sure that zone should have active linked banners in it. 

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