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Uninstalled Openx Market Plugin. Can I Safely Delete Oxmarket Folder?


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Hello there,

I recently upgraded my very old OpenX installation - it started as phpAdsNew! ;) - to the new Revive Adserver. The plugin OpenX Market was removed in the admin area, by me or by the upgrading process, don't remember... Now I just saw that a folder oxMarket still exists under /www/admin/plugins/ and I was wondering if I can completely delete it without causing issues.


Thank you in advance.

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I upgraded from OpenX through Installatron under cPanel, everything went fine and then the upgrade proceeded through the admin area... I don't remember any error message but I had no issue since then.


Today I just upgraded again from version 3.0.3 to 3.0.4... Just got some errors and I checked the install.log file:

#! openXMarket(): Component group with this name is already installed oxMarket
#! openXMarket(): The uploaded file did not pass security check
#! openXMarket(): The uploaded file openXMarket.zip was not unpacked

I checked if the OpenX Market plugin was still installed and it is not.. But I found the dir /www/admin/plugins/oxMarket/ via FTP.


That's the reason why I'm asking ;)


Thank you

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My Revive is hosted on a webserver with cPanel, in cPanel there's a tool called Installatron and it makes application upgrades semi-automatic.


I just saw the most recent log files (those file named as "openads_version_stamp_[VERSION]_[DATE-TIME].log") and it seems there were no errors since version 2.8.7.

The install.log file (since OpenX 2.8.7) reports only the errors I stated above...


Please note I'm asking about the oxMarket directory under [webroot]/www/admin/plugins/ path, not under [webroot]/plugins/ ... Do you think I can safely delete it?

Thank you

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I've never heard of Installatron before. We definitely can't support 3rd party tools "interfering" with proper install/upgrade procedures.


As for the status of your instance, I honestly can't tell it it's ok or not to delete that folder. Given it's hte admin interface side of it, it should be fine...


I wonder though what else could be broken in your setup ;)

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Ok, I just renamed that folder and it seems it didn't harm anything.


By the way, Installatron is simply a cPanel app that automates the upgrading process: it backs up files and database of a software like Revive Adserver or like any known CMS and then extracts and writes the new files, nothing more than this ;)

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