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Wordpress Openx-Wp Widget Plugin Still Functional On Revive 3.x Upgrade?


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Hello Revivers,
I have an OX ad server (v2.8.9) I create at work and it's running ads for multiple sites (all our branded sites - 5-6 total).

One of the sites is a Wordpress site using a OpenX-WP Widget plugin.

Before I upgrade the server to Revive 3.0.0, does anyone know if the calls made by the OpenX-WP plug-in will still function with the revive 3.0.0 upgrade?


Here is a link to the WP plugin page:



If not, can anyone point me in a direction for a Wordpress Revive plugin?

Ideally something that is asyncronous, since the current plugin is not and does blog load times on the pages with heavy ad placement.

If someone needs an example of the WP widget code, let me know, I'll copy/paste whatever is needed.

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