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Read replica for asyncspc.php only

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My site runs highly distributed in 15+ locations around the world. (Primary in Germany, read replicas in X other locations)

This results in great performance for the dynamic HTML (80ms from US West coast to regional replica), however all my asyncspc.php request still go to Germany (463ms to Germany)

I understand Revive Adserver needs Primary/Primary for full replication to work.

I wonder if I can go for a setup which ONLY sends asyncspc.php to many global (read-only) replicas. Any other request which reads/writes (eg. lg.php would go to the primary)


- Make asyncspc.php as fast as possible (any delay here results in ads being shown later)
- Ignore the speed of lg.php, when this requests take a bit longer is not really important


Does you know if such a setup will work as expected; or will there be hidden "writes" which are triggered by asyncspc.php?

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