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Email Zone problems when changing out ads

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I don't know if anyone has seen this issue but if I could find a solution for it that would be awesome!

We have numerous ad campaigns that run generally by the month. roughly about 15 individual ad slots all using the Email Newsletter Zone tag setting. (Revive Hosted Edition)

When we change out the ads (in this case from January 2024 ads to February 2024 ads) there are mixed results in the ads showing up in some emails. Most notably Apple Mail, possibly Outlook in some cases as well, both on the Desktop and Phone versions. 

The web based email programs don't seem to have the same issue. 

The process we use is there is a web page for the email that the URL is imported into Mailchimp. 

Sometime when the ads are set up it seems the cache may be in play because refreshing that web page can be wonky with the ads, sometimes appearing and sometimes not but it generally clears up after a few minutes to an hour. 

At this point when the Email is imported into Mailchimp, or when the code is copy and pasted into Mailchimp in some cases, the ads will appear and look correct. If we preview the email in Mailchimp they seem to show fine as well. 

When the email (if a test email sent or the actual campaign is sent) sometimes those ads will not show up for multiple people in the programs stated above. The ads appear on the web based email programs and on the page fine like stated, so they are running.

I notice my phone still is not showing the ads (Feb 5th at this point) which is odd, usually if this happens it will clear up by the next day at the latest.

My desktop Apple Mail showed the ads fine since the 2nd of the month.

Is there something I need to add to the code to keep this from happening? A no cache setting in the HTML, or something in the invocation code? Currently it's set to whatever the default is. 

Thanks for any help in advance! 

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For some reason the ads still won't show on my phone. I even have done an IOS update since this started and rearranged the ads, and still no change. Looks fine on the desktop mail app. 

I deleted the accounts and readied them in Mail which should have removed any caching on the phone which didn't make a difference. 

Very frustrating.


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