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Problem with css and layout after first installation

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Hello there,

This is the first time ai use revive server self-hosted edition and i have followed all the steps as described in the documentations.

The installation done successfully but the layout didn't appear as it supposed to be.

This is the installation directory: https://c7sale.com/ads/

Looking for help.


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I had the same issue. There is a setting in <installation-path>/etc/dist.conf.php where you need to set the parameter requireSSL to true instead of false. However it does not fix the issue that no style is applied. 

To get your issue fixed, disable your ad-blocker for the site and it will be fine ;). UBlock Origin for example blocks the revive ad server. If you disable it for your site only, it will display correctly. And in future make sure you have the developer console enabled in your browser. It will tell you any error that happens, when you try to load a page. If you see something like "Blocked by Client" you know that your ad-blocker is preventing the site to load. Then you can fix any issues. 


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Hello again,

I have modified the value for require ssl.



But this didn't change anything

For ad-blocker i didn't figure out what settings should be done, and i didn't use ad-blocker in chrome for example



And this is the chrome setting for adblock



Nothing changed and the problem still exists

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Install the WebDeveloper Tools Extension if not already done. Then go to your site, rightclick anywhere and select "Inspect" at the Top you will find a bunch of tabs, one of those is labelled Console. Click on it, and check if there are any errors displayed. If yes, send a screenshot of the errors. 

See following Screenshot:


The red lines say for example that access to the files has beeen blocked by the Client, and that means that either a firewall or an ad-blocker prevented access. Your messages might be different, depending on what errors actually occur.


P.S. it might also be that your Anti-Virus Programm is blocking Ads. But that is something for you to find out.

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I'd say something in your SSL Setup isn't right. You changed that one setting from the 1st post, right? It must read true and the file must be saved. The files are definitely accessible via https, so i don't see a reason why it should try to access the files via http instead. I will setup a new server today for testing. I assume you don't have any data yet in your setup and could just delete everything and do a fresh install if needed?

P.S. Was it a manual install or did you use Softaculous or similar? 

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