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Editing A Campaign Problem

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Just checking if this only happening with me - but it's been doing since the OX days, just never got around to reporting it?


It seems the "onload" Javascript doesn't fire when editing a campaign - so for example, the start/end date boxes aren't there unless you click the campaign type radio button and then they appear.


And the "Impressions" box is hidden, unless you change the "Pricing Model" from "CPC" to blank, then back again.


Using Chrome, latest - just upgraded latest Revive now, new folder.. all cache cleared.


Does this happen with anyone else?

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I dont have that installed, but Safari has the same problem.


I just noticed though - if I just click the Campaign Type Radio button (so if it's a contract campaign, click Contract) - then all the fields will correctly appear (date, impressions, etc etc).

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