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Is there any self service addon?


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Hello all,
I run a niche website and would like to start monetising it. I want to use the hosted version of Revive adserver for this, but now I have a few questions for the experts.
We don't want to include Google Ads, but ads that perfectly fit my niche and my customers (Book Ads for Book Lovers). The site is still relatively small (50.000 visitors each month, but growing fast), so we want to keep the overhead for advertising low. Therefore, a kind of self service would be ideal. Advertisers should be able to set up their ads themselves and pay. After review from us the ad goes live.
  1. Is there a kind of self service plugin for Revive and does anyone have experience with it?
  2. I know this is an endless topic. But what do you think is a fair CPM or CPC for a medium rectangle if the target group fits the ad exactly (e.g. car ads for car lovers)? What would you consider a fair price?
Thanks & greetings, rhodes
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