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Very high CPU usage for mysql..

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Hello all!

Transitioning to a new server due to the newer version's PHP requirements. Got things moved over and now when running, I get mysql (on Ubuntu) running at max CPU. 

Server stats:

AMD EPYC 7401P 24-core, 128gb DDR4 ECC RAM, 2x2TB SSD (dedicated cloud server).

Given the stats I'm wondering what the issue is.

Currently its running php 7.4 so I'll upgrade if needed.. 

Also looking into the setting up of memcache for PHP - what would recommended settings be, and will this help avoid the CPU problem? The idea was to expand our capabilities not have less performance than before..

Advice is most appreciated! Thank you.

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Hi Kevan,

Memcache would probably help! It's hard to determine what the best settings for your environment would be, but an important setting for sure is the max amount of connections it can accept (also for MySQL).

Also make sure you have OPcache enabled as PHP module


best, Ian

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