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Is it okay to clear table data_intermediate_ad ?

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Hi, im new at revive ad server, currently im using version 4.1.1 and 5. So far i know that revive statistics is following this flow: deliveries are logged on table bkt_% and maintenance move it to data_intermediate_ad and finally distributed to data_summary_%. So there is a case i want to clear and backup finished/completed campaign's banner log on data_intemediate_ad because im not see any use for it after data is distributed to data_summary_% and campaign is no longer running. My question is, is it okay that i do so ? yes im aware that impressions/clicks/conversions remaining will be reset on campaign dashboard. Beside that, is there any side effect that might/will occur ? and whats gonna happen when i manually change campaign status from finished/completed to active without previous data_intemediate_ad ? Thank you 

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