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How to get the new "revive-<ID>-loaded" custom JS event?


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I am very much interested in this new feature described in v5.4.0 changelog:

Asynchronous tag now sends a custom "revive-<ID>-loaded" JS event when loading each banner and a "revive-<ID>-completed" event when all the positions on the page have been filled. This allows interaction and customisation, e.g. dynamically adding a class to all image banners.

So I updated to v5.4.1. But when I look at my asynchronous tag, I do not see any event thrown by it.
I was looking at the <ins> tag or the child elements in Chrome Dev tools (selecting the element then tab "Event Listeners").

However, looking at the ancestors, I do see "revive-myReviveID-refresh" and "revive-myReviveID-start" events.

Any help would be highly appreciated!

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