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Banners and zones display larger than set

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No, I have not fixed it.


The banner displays, and it works.


BUT if you make a screen capture and crop the banner image in photoshop, you will see that the width of the banner is actually close to 1100 pixels, not 728 pixels as the real size is.


What I am saying is that the ad server is somehow zooms the banner width as if it put from html  : img src="banner" width="1100"   instead of having it img src="banner" width="728" as it should be.


I hope now it is a little clearer.

Ohhhhh  .. I think is because of my browser.

I have a very large monitor and I set the fonts +2 size. It seems this made the browser increase the images sizes as well :((((

Thank you and sorry I made such a rookie mistake :((

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