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Clean out old data

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Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I wasn't able to find anything on it somehow. I just took over hosting a Revive ad server that has been in use since about 2012. It has been upgrade a few times over the years (currently on v5.2.1), but no one has been doing any maintenance and the database is currently over 3 GBs. Looking through the tables I am seeing a lot of stuff from 2015 or so. We don't need anything except the last 2 years. How or where do I set things to periodically purge older transactional data? Is there a setting somewhere that I missed to limit how long something is kept for? I found a forum post saying that people have been setting up custom scheduled scripts to clear out the old data, but that was from around 2014. Is that still the needed approach, and if so what tables are safe to delete old data from? 

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manually deletion is not recommended, but i did that successfully on test installation.

do not forget to backup your data before.

TRUNCATE TABLE `ox_data_intermediate_ad`;
TRUNCATE TABLE `ox_data_intermediate_ad_connection`;
TRUNCATE TABLE `ox_data_summary_ad_hourly`;
TRUNCATE TABLE `ox_data_summary_zone_impression_history`; 

(table name prefix may be different e.g. rv_, check your config file, i assumed ox_ because of your old installation)

partial deletion should be possible the same way by the datetime columns of each table (with higher risk of inconsistent data).

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