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Excel export files won't open in Excel & security warning

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Hi all,

I've just installed a fresh download of Revive on a dedicated server. So it's Revive 5.3.0 running on Ubuntu 18.04 (x86_64) running PHP 7.4. Everything seems to be working apart from two things. Firstly, downloaded Excel reports won't open in Excel... well, it 'opens' it, but it doesn't display (and if I try in Apple Numbers it says 'unsupported version of Excel'). Opening the file in a pure text editor shows about a page of what could be XLS format, followed by what appears to be the HTML for Revive's homepage. Not an Excel expert, but pretty sure that shouldn't be there.

Is there a way to export in CSV or XLSX? Or just get XLS working? I'm pretty familiar with PHP so if anyone with knowledge of the inner workings of the export routine could point me in the right place I may have a stab at writing that myself.

Second problem is more of a niggle, but I know once I let this server loose on the user he's going to complain about it. Default page after login takes me to the security maintenance page complaining the browser can fetch files it shouldn't, for example var/cache/README.txt. I've tried using .htaccess and even deleted the README.txt file, yet the warning still keeps popping up. Any ideas?



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