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HTML5 Banner not working since update to 5.2.1 - Link broken

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Hello, we were using a few HTML5 banners but as it seems, since updating to Revive 5.2.1 those are not working correctly any more. The banners still display fine, but the link on click is broken, this is an example link:


The actual destination is https://www.hanfzart.de/

How can we fix this?

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Is it possible that I am the only one having this problem? The effect is clear: The linked URL starts with the actual URL of the image itself then followed by the almost correct delivery URL, but encoded. Somehow the image URL is pushed in front of it.


Have the requirements changed for the HTML5 banner file? I am using a .ZIP file which was created with Google Web Designer. I can't see any other options in Revive to control the link behavior and the saved target link in banner settings is correct.


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PS: This is the clicktag script which Web Designer is using:

var clickTag = "{target URL}";
window.open((function(url, param, defVal) {
  var p = url.split('?');
  p = p.length < 2 ? "" : p[1];
  var vars = p.split("&");
  var res = defVal, v;
  for (var i = 0; i < vars.length; i++) {
    v = vars[i].split('=');
    if (v.length < 2 || v[0] !== param) {
    res = decodeURIComponent(v[1]);
  return res;
})(window.location.href, "clickTag", clickTag));

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