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Some campaigns not running

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Revive Adserver v5.2.0 running on Apache, PHP 7.4.12 and MySQL 5.7.28-log.
Maintenance indicates it's running normally.

I'm a newbie with a fresh install of Revive server.

I have 100 campaigns set up, all identical except for name and banner links.  They are remnant campaigns with unlimited views and low priorities.

Banners are all generic HTML ads from a large affiliate service. All display on banner setup page.  All are linked to the same set of zones.

The campaigns page indicates they are all running. The banner probabilities are inline with each other. 

But banners for about a third of the campaigns are not running.

The only clue I can find is that the Statistics Advertisers & Campaigns Advertisers & Campaigns page has the missing campaigns faded and they disappear when the Hide Inactive button is pushed.

Where should I look to start troubleshooting?



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