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This is a lie, there is no full support for the paid monthly version of Revive

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On this page https://www.revive-adserver.com/faq/geotargeting-with-revive-adserver/ the first sentence says "Revive Adserver offers full support for geotargeting" that's a lie. You guys don't even respond to your contact form. Totally frustrated with your paid hosting version.
The question we've been asking is how to target in Canada using postal code. Just does not work and we've been trying to enter it in every which way you can think of. Would be great if someone responded before we cancel with you guys! Thanks.

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Here's my latest post Shawn, I won't hold my breath...

I have been searching for a few days on solving the Geo US/Canada Postal Code - Delivery Option. I'm in Canada so I need to know how to specifically enter multiple postal codes. It has not worked when I've tested on a single postal code such as T3L 2V6. Do I need to update a plugin? And how do you enter the postal code? I've tried

T3L 2V6 - By itself

T3L 2V6, T2E 3L4 - With comma and spaces

T3L 2V6,T2E 3L4 - With no space after comma

T3L - With first 3 digits only

T3L, T2E - With 3 digits comma and space 

T3L,T2E - With 3 digits comma no space

This has been a nightmare to try and solve. Please HELP!!!



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