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5.1 Update - 3rd Party Javascript Not Tracking Clicks


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Since the update, we are unable to track clicks on 3rd party JavaScript tags. We understand the update has removed open redirects, however, we simply can't tell every advertiser that supplies us with 3rd party tags, that their code is no longer valid -- especially if that is the only code they have available for their ads. 

Does anyone know how to get these to work? Relying on a client's metrics is not a route we want to go for 3rd party delivery, either, since we utilize first party metrics to adjust our advertising campaigns and initiatives. We also have numerous clients who like to look at their clicks vs ours to ensure that we are within the normal variance between our delivery standards.

For example, this is the JavaScript code we received (with the URLs modified to 00000000 for anonymity) - 

<script language="javascript" src="https://track.adform.net/adfscript/?bn=00000000"></script>
<a href="https://track.adform.net/C/?bn=00000000;C=0" target="_blank">
<img src="https://track.adform.net/adfserve/?bn=00000000;srctype=4;ord=[timestamp]" border="0" width="300" height="600" alt=""/>

Note: In order to track clicks add ";click=" into the redirect string.


We've tried adding the {clickurl} {click_url} and {clickurl_enc} macros before the https protocol, as suggested on Revive's guide to 5.1 how to track clicks -- but without success.

Anyone else run into this? Or know how to fix it?



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