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Google Analytics tracking inaccurate?


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We use Revive Ad Server to set up banner ads.

There is a campaign with an affiliate link (not a redirect, just a long url) that's been set up for Google Analytics to track stats they receive from our website with Revive Ad Server. We've received a report that Revive Ad Server clicks doesn't match with what Google Analytics reports. 

What could be the issue here? 

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We have the same issue: Revive clicks and Google Analytics pages views are very off (10x difference). One of our advertisers gets about 4 page views a month and we see 400 clicks in Revive. 

We know the numbers won't match exactly but that's a big difference.

We are running a test with a URL parameter and I'll update this ticket with those results. 

Anyone have similar issues and figure out how to resolve them?

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Did you ever figure it out?

We keep losing money from clients hand over fist because they say Google isn't showing the traffic Revive is showing. 

What do we have setup wrong, where is the block?

If this keeps up, we'll go out of business.

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Tracking our web site's traffic and analytics can be a valuable tool in helping us to improve our website's performance. 
However, using Google Analytics tracking is essential to be aware of potential inaccuracies. While using Google analytics, 
some common issues that may occur are :

  • Incorrect device identification
  • Incorrect window size or orientation
  • Tracking cookies not being set
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